1. A code of silence amongst members of a criminal organization (e.g. Mafia) that forbids divulging insider secrets to law enforcement .
    • "Patriarca pleaded guilty in December 1991 to racketeering and conspiracy charges, but he refused to admit he was a member of the Mafia, clinging to his vow of "omerta" to the secret organization." — Boston Globe, March 4, 2005.

6 letters in word "omerta": A E M O R T.

Anagrams of omerta:

Words found within omerta:

ae aero am amort ar are aret arm armet art at ate atom ea ear eat em er era et eta ma mae mar mare mart mat mate mater me meat met meta metro mo moa moat moe mor mora morae morat more mort mot mote oar oat oater oe om omer or ora orate ore ort ram ramet rat rate rato re ream rem ret roam roate roe rom roma rot rota rote ta tae tam tame tamer tao tar tare taro te tea team tear term to toe toea tom tome tor tora tore tram trema